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Retail Tenant 

Trust our non-commissioned brokers to find your perfect retail space at the best deal possible.

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Discover Your Ideal Space Faster

When it comes to finding retail space, we're your insider advantage. As owners and renters of retail centers, we have a unique understanding of the market. We know the landscape, the players, and the trends like no other. We can provide rapid market surveys and guide you towards the best opportunities, swiftly and effectively. Benefit from our first-hand experience and intimate knowledge of the property market. Let's find your perfect retail space together.

We're not just brokers; we're landlords ourselves. We understand the game from both sides of the table. We're aware of the strategies landlords use to maximize their profits and we know how to counteract them. We leverage this knowledge to guide you away from potential pitfalls and negotiate the most favorable terms on your behalf. Our negotiation skills are top-notch and we're ready to put them to work for you.

Navigate Lease Negotiations with Confidence

Ongoing Support for Your Success

Our support doesn't end once you've found your location. We're here to help you thrive. Whether you prefer to text, email, or call, we're always accessible. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and unwavering commitment to your success. Beyond lease acquisition, we continue to support you with insights into construction build-out costs, tenant rights, marketing issues, and more. Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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Experience a Different Level of Tenant Representation

Make informed lease decisions with our San Antonio expertise. Contact a broker today.

Why We Believe In Salaried Brokers

At Sarfani Commercial Advisors, we value integrity and dedication to our clients' best interests above all else. We believe commission-based brokers can face a potential conflict of interest. Since their compensation is tied to the value of the deal, there could be an incentive to encourage clients to sign longer leases or take on more space than needed. We eliminate this potential conflict by utilizing salaried brokers. Our brokers aren't influenced by the size or term of the lease. Their sole mission is to find the space that best suits your needs and aspirations. This is just one of the ways we ensure that our clients' needs are at the forefront of everything we do.

Why Us?

After starting and running our own businesses, we understand the trials of finding good tenant representation. At Sarfani Commercial Advisors we blend a unique mix of real-world business experience with profound commercial real estate expertise. We actively buy, sell, and own commercial real estate, immersing ourselves in every facet of the industry. This gives us a complete and comprehensive understanding of commercial real estate, making us equipped to handle any challenge and turn it into an opportunity for our clients.

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Transform Your Retail Space Goals into Reality

Utilize our end-to-end in-house commercial real estate services to maximize your business operations, optimize costs, and turn your vision into a reality.

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